One Card Tarot reading

One Card Tarot Reading

Less popular than those with three or seven cards, this one-card tarot draw enables anyone to quickly obtain an answer to a very specific question. Even if it turns out to be relevant for succinct questions or for quite simple problems, it’s not advisable to use this one-card tarot draw so as to solve complex situations demanding precise answers.

One Card  Tarot Draw Method

The Tarot of Marseille is mainly used for this kind of draw. More precisely, only the 22 major arcana will be used to perform the one-card draw. The draw, in itself, is quite simple, but some steps must be followed:

  1. Clear your mind. Find a room where you can be alone and where nothing will disturb the state of calm you will be in that will enhance your concentration.
  2. Shuffle the cards while intensely focusing on the question to ask.
  3. Spread the cards in front of you, face down.
  4. Still thinking very hard about your question, draw only one card.
  5. The tarot card you drew will give you an admittedly concise but quick answer.

Divination through the one-card tarot draw

Drawing only one card offers a limited solution, contrary to an online 3-card tarot draw or a 7-card tarot draw. Drawing only one card leads to a more succinct and vague answer than when a complete tarot draw is performed.
That’s why the one-card tarot draw is best suited to short and simple questions. It can be used as a first clue leading to the answer. It can help you take the right direction if you wish to quickly obtain a piece of advice about a quite simple situation.
When faced with more complex problems, it is advisable to perform a three-card tarot draw, or even a 7-card tarot draw, to obtain a more complete answer and know more preciselywhat the future has in store.

Why perform a one-card tarot draw?

It is recommended to use this one-card tarot draw on a daily basis because it mainly gives an answer to the concerns of day-to-day life. This tarot draw enables us to:

  • get a quick answer to a simple question
  • be somewhat enlightened about a given situation
  • have an overview of the atmosphere of a day or a specific moment (date, job interview, professional meeting…)
  • get a feeling about something that concerns you

The one-card tarot draw works as a snapshot of a situation. Rather than a clear and precise answer, this draw will give an indication of a particular atmosphere or suggest an opinion. 

This kind of divinatory tarot can be used to answer questions you may have in various fields such as money, work or even love. It can also be consulted to obtain information about a specific project (in the professional, real estate or love fields).