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Do divinatory arts intrigue and captivate you? This online occult shop collects Maria’s latest works in e-book form.

This occult library will enlighten you about the magic rituals and spiritual practices that will help you to better understand your life.

Do you want to buy these books about magic and clairvoyance? Maria exclusively offers her mystical books for sale in order to help you with your quest for a better future! So order your e-book now online and be initiated to occult sciences and practices!

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Secrets of numerology

What is the meaning of numbers? The science of numbers par excellence, numerology also address (...)

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The Aura

What is the aura? How can you see your aura? Tough questions, and yet they have an essential r (...)

$ 0.00

The Magical Power of Dreams

How to interpret and analyze your dreams? Human beings have tried to understand the meaning of (...)

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The Magic of Candles

A key element of Maria’s online occult bookshop, this e-book will be your initiation to the Ma (...)

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The Magic of Perfumes

The Magic of Perfumes is an occult ebook accessible to all that will allow you to discover the (...)

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