Interpreting a Strength Tarot card

 The Strength - Tarot of Marseille

Strength is among the 3 trumps from the 22 major arcana that materialize the virtues and remind Mankind of the principles that must be followed to be successful in life, with Justice, and Temperance.

Symbolism of the Strength card

The Arcanum of Strength is a symbol of power, will, energy and courage. It grants you the self-control you need to face any obstacle or hurdle. It ensures that your projects will be successful.

This card is a positive sign if you want to succeed in any domain: love, work, or the acquisition of material goods

 The Strength - Tarot of Marseille

Strength tarot card imbues you with enough energy to dominate any situation. It will ensure your success if you can display some courage, willpower and conviction, and dedicate yourself to the goal you have set for yourself.

It will not be too hard to achieve these goals since that Arcanum will grant you a lot of physical and mental fortitude, great self-control, and confidence in your own abilities.

This Tarot Arcanum is particularly auspicious for any profession defined by competitive spirit: the world of business, investments, advertising, or independent learned professions…

Drawing the Strength card

Anyone drawing that card can be confident about their inner strength, triumph will come from within and overcome any terrestrial obstacle or problem. Strength card is the Arcanum of fortitude.

It can define the person who draws it as a risk-taker, someone who will grow stronger with every struggle. Anything that was too easy to get will have a bittersweet taste in their mouth.


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They thrive when faced with hard challenges. Their actions are the perfect illustration of the saying, “To win without risk is to triumph without glory”.
This is one of the best arcana that could be drawn when you want to get what you want on a material point of view.
This tarot card shows the will to master your own destiny without leaving it all in the hands of fate, a drive to lead your own life.
Enough confidence in your abilities can lessen or even dispel any fear. Strength is a sign of your desire to win, and it represents the drive to keep fighting and overcome your enemies.
It will let you conquer new territory, both inside (overcoming your own weaknesses) and outside (winning a challenge, new customers, market shares, crushing the competition…).

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