The meaning of mirror hours from 06:06am to 11:11am

mirror hours 06-am -11-am

Mixing the science of numbers with astrology, double hours still astonish us anytime, anywhere. Far from a random happenstance, this phenomenon can unveil certain aspects of our current life and what our future holds. Here I will unveil the meaning of mirror hours from 06:06am to 11:11am.

Double hour: 06:06am

If you catch a glimpse of this mirror hour, you should then use your intuition and enhance it as much as you can. It will be useful for you to make important decisions. It should help you to make the right choices if you are wise enough.
This double hour also heralds the arrival of a period of harmony that should allow you to be happier and more satisfied than you used to be.

Mirror hour: 07:07am

You should take a closer look at your life and view or review your own choices. You will then have some new ideas that will allow you to genuinely change your life.
If you do so with a positive mindset, you should see some constant changes and improvements in your life, provided that you do everything you can to let things unfold in the right way.

Double hour: 08:08am

You should know a period of great activity where you will face several opportunities to change what you do not like in your life. To do so, I would advise you to seize these opportunities and make the most of them. Follow your own path and do not falter.

Mirror hour: 09:09am

You need to stand by your own principles in life and should not take the easy way out to meet your goals. Do not hesitate to make an effort, because the easy way might bring you great disappointments.
Not everything is black or white in life. Existence is made of several shades of grey. In other words: do not let appearances fool you and strive to see what stands beyond them.


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Double hour: 10:10am

This mirror hour heralds a good period ahead to improve your finances and be successful in your projects. To that end, you must have positive intentions, and all your efforts should be aimed at the goal you are striving for.
If you do so, you should reap many victories in many domains and thus strengthen your own confidence.

Mirror hour: 11:11am

Seeing this mirror hour is a sign of a restless time with many protests from you regarding anything that is not right in your existence. The best way to change the situation would not be to complain about it but to act constructively.
If you manage to have positive intentions and keep an open mind, you should improve your personal magnetism and fulfill many of your desires.
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