A Guide to Pinnacle Cycles

Pinnacle Cycles

If you’ve recently started to make some major changes in your life and are unsure why, it could be related to your pinnacle cycles. In this article we are going to share with you everything you need to know about these numerology pinnacles. We’ll take a look at what they represent, how you can calculate them (and your life number) before sharing with you when your pinnacle cycles will take place.

What are Pinnacle cycles?

A pinnacle cycle is a span of time within your life. Each person has four pinnacle cycles and each of these marks a certain level of evolution or education. For most people, this will represent some form of spiritual or emotional development but you can experience a temporal pinnacle which relates more to the physical world.

Approaching the end (and therefore the beginning) of a pinnacle cycle usually involves intense emotion and it’s always best to be prepared for such a mental/spiritual state. To know when your cycles occur you only need three things: your date of birth, your life path number and the ability to reduce numbers.

Life Path Number

Before you can work out your pinnacle number, you need to know your life path number. To do that, you need to know how to reduce numbers. This is the technique of making a double (or higher) digit number a single digit. As we explore the life path number calculation, we will demonstrate number reduction with an example.

Let’s say you were born on Christmas day in 1993. We simply take each of the numbers from the date so 25, 12 and 1993. We reduce each number individually, for example: 25 becomes 7 (2+5=7), 12 becomes 3 (1+2=3) and 1993 becomes 22 (1+9+9+3=22) but as 22 isn’t a single digit number, we have to reduce it again and so it becomes 4 (2+2=4).
Now that we have your life path number and you understand number reduction, we can take a look at pinnacle numerology.

Pinnacle numbers

So there are four pinnacle numbers you need to know and each corresponds to its own cycle. Each of these numbers offers an insight into your personality and frame of mind during its matching pinnacle cycle.
For example, if your first pinnacle cycle number was 2 and your second pinnacle cycle number was 4, then it seems that you’ll have a change in your life between these cycles.


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Here is how you calculate each of your Pinnacle cycle number

Pinnacle Cycle 1: To calculate this number, you simply combine the reduced form of your birth month and birth date.

Using the same example as before we would do: 25 (date) and 12 (month). 25 becomes 7 and 12 becomes 3, giving us 10.
This then becomes 1. So the first pinnacle cycle number is 1.

Pinnacle Cycle 2: This number is calculated using your birth date and birth year. So we would use 25 (date) and 1993 (year).

This becomes 7 and 22 which in turn becomes 7 and 4 (after reducing the 22), then 11 and finally 2, giving us a second pinnacle cycle number of 2.

Pinnacle Cycle 3: To work out this number, you combine the first to pinnacle cycle numbers. So we would combine 1 and 2 to get 3, giving us a third pinnacle cycle of 3.

Pinnacle Cycle 4: The final cycle number is calculated using your birth month and birth year. So we would use 12 (month) and 1993 (year) which becomes 3 and 22, 3 and 4, and finally 7.

Using your Numbers

You’re now all set to explore your pinnacle cycles and their corresponding numbers further! Pinnacles numerology and the meaning of pinnacles will obviously vary depending on your age and your number for that cycle.

For example, age 33 numerology would differ depending on the life number and the pinnacle cycle number for that person, compared to another person aged 33. 

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