Personal year 7

personal year 7

A good time for introspection and relaxation, this personal year 7 will be a time to rest and focus on yourself, and more specifically on your spiritual life.

The meaning of the personal year 7

It will come as an auspicious time for introspection and meditation. You will need some quiet time on your own to find the answers to your questions. This quest of the self will lead you away from the material aspects of your existence, though you will still have to fulfill your obligations.
Personal year #7 stands under the sign of self-awareness, it is a time of spiritual growth. This is why social relationships and/or material goals will be put on hold. You will strive to improve your quality of life, take some time to read and appreciate the simple things in life.
Such spiritual growth will allow you to take stock of your life and take care of yourself. By strengthening the roots of your inner life, you will enhance your intuition and it might be a priceless asset for your success.

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