Meaning of the number 8

Meaning of the Number 8

Numbers can be counted among the most of evocative graphic symbols. Every one of us has a favorite number, a lucky number or, on the contrary, a number they dread. What we feel when we are faced with numbers can be explained by the fact that they are much more than mere graphic symbols, as numerology teaches us. I’ll let you discover what lies behind the number 8.

The number 8 represents balance and harmony  

After the world was created, a universal law was established to ensure the right harmony for life to unfold. The number eight represents the justice through which a balance between the antagonistic forces and the interaction of all the elements making up the universe can be struck.
Therefore, justice ensures cosmic balance, just like its half, the number 4ensures the balance and stability of matter. This is the ancient cycle that feeds the new one, a regeneration that requires sacrifices.

The number Eight, symbol of eternity and material success

8, when considered as 7 + 1, goes beyond perfection and reaches eternal life. Case in point, infinity is represented by a sideways number 8: ∞.
Since the number 8 is equal to two times 4, which represents materiality, it is related to the desire to be a powerful and material success. Eight is capable of destroying as much as it can consolidate. Its justice is represented by scales that might lean towards one side or the other, depending on how you deal with your possessions and your own power.

The number 8 follows me around!  

If you see it in a dream or in an obsessional way, it means that you long for material success. You do what needs to be done to succeed. But a warning accompanies this message. It says that you should not focus only on your wish to become materially more well off. In other words, you should take other areas of your life into consideration, areas that you also need to care about. If you don’t do that, you might run the risk of “going around in circles”.


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