Finding your Balance Number!

Balance Number

Is life weighing you down? Do you find yourself in a tough situation and you’re not sure what approach to take? It’s possible that you need to make use of your balance number. In this article we are going to explore the idea of a balanced number. We’ll take a look at a balance number is, how they relate to your life path numbers, using a balanced name calculator to work out your number and finally, we will do an overview of each of the balanced numbers so you can get a better understanding of what yours means.

Number Balance Calculator

Your first question is probably in relation to calculating your number. Not to worry, the process is incredibly simple and we’ll take you through it step by step. All you need is your name and the following key: 1 (A-J-S), 2 (B-K-T), 3 (C-L-U), 4 (D-M-V), 5 (E-N-W), 6 (F-O-X), 7 (G-P-Y), 8 (H-Q-Z), 9 (I-R).

All we do is take the initials from each of your names, apply the numerical value and add the numbers together. We then reduce that final number to a single digit. If we use Tommy Lee Jones as an example: T (2) + L (2) + J (1) =5. If we had got 15 (a double digit number) we would add those to numbers together to get 6. Now we can look at how number balances play a role in your life.

Number 1

Balance number1 involves stubbornness. These individuals view asking for help as a sign of weakness and so will often choose isolation over being viewed as weak, causing the problem to worsen. Trust in your friends and family and ask them for guidance.

Number 2

Emotions run high in this group and the inability to think calmly and logically will often contribute to the problem. Take some deep breaths, put your emotions to the back of your mind and think about what the logical next step is.

Number 3

Those with balance number 3 have a habit of developing tunnel vision when faced with a problem that is close to your heart. The best solution is to try and view any issues from a different perspective or ask others for their opinion.

Number 4

If you have the balance number 4 then you have a tendency to lose control in situations. When something doesn’t go to plan you will lash out in anger. Try to see the silver lining in the situation and simply laugh about the worst case scenario.


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Number 5

Closing your eyes, covering your ears and pretending that the problem doesn’t exist are not solutions. Those of you in this number simply struggle to face the problem but once you do so, the solution tends to be pretty straightforward.

Number 6

You’re great with people but this comes at a cost: you rely far too heavily on those around you and as a result, you lack independence. With this current problem, try to solve it yourself or at least think of some potential solutions before you ask for assistance.

Number 7

For some reason, you run away from problems despite having no reason to do so. Your critical thinking and problem solving abilities are more than enough to handle any problem that comes your way. Next time try to face the problem head on.

Number 8

Your natural leadership abilities have allowed you to blame others for your mistakes and problems in the past. The only way you can develop your leadership qualities further is to own your mistakes and solve your own problems.

Number 9

For those of you with the balance number 9, your biggest problem is disconnection. Only though finding common interests with those around you will you be able to see things from their point of view. If you can’t do that, then finding solutions to your current problem is going to be challenging. 

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