What is a lucky charm?

What is a lucky charm

Since the dawn of time, Humankind has tried to find happiness, to be luckier, and to protect themselves against misery. Depending on specific beliefs, superstition can wear many faces. However, where lucky charms are concerned, there are some common elements that can be found from one culture to the next.

Lucky charms, gri-gri and good luck symbols

It can be found in different shapes, to dispel the evil eye, to attract luck, or simply to increase self-confidence: lucky number, good luck item or even a magic ritual or spell. 
Some lucky charms are thus selected for their beneficial powers, when others are favored for the protection they offer.
Among the best-known lucky charms, you can find:

Indeed, some of these superstitions can stand the test of time, but a lucky charm mainly draws strength from its rarity. Horseshoes and four-leaf clovers are a prime example.
In the time of horse-drawn carts, it was not uncommon to find a horseshoe on the road.

Nowadays, with modern transportation systems like planes, trains or simply automobiles, it is much harder to find such an item by accident!


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Attracting luck and dispelling the evil eye

Any superstitious person can personally use a lucky charm to overcome any lack of confidence, to look at the bright side of things, or even to be lucky in money games, in love, or at work.

However, having a lucky charm can also be more globally useful, specifically to protect your house against negative waves, to attract positive energy, to have a healthier or more harmonious home, or even avoid any domestic accident.

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