Two methods to predict the future thanks to Oomancy

2 Methods predict future Oomancy

Predicting the future thanks to an egg? This may seem strange but it is totally feasible. Eggs are veritable tools for divination that saw the light of day centuries ago. This divination method is called oomancy

How does oomancy work? 

This ancestral divination method consists in placing an egg white in a glass of water and interpreting the forms it creates.
This divinatory art is one of the most ancient but it remains commonly used nowadays.
There are several oomancy techniques, which the oomancer can choose from depending on their preference but also on the regions where oomancy is performed. In fact, this practice was originally most popular in the French and Italian countryside.
Here are two oomancy methods that you can easily try out if you want to.

1. Oomancy using a glass

You need:

  • A glass half full of clear, lukewarm water
  • A fresh egg.

 Here is how to proceed:

  1. Break the egg and separate the yolk.
  2. Then, pour the egg white into the glass of water.
  3. Add a few coarse salt grains, mix thoroughly and let stand for a few hours.
  4. Observe the forms that appear in the glass of water.


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2. Oomancy using a bottle of water

You need:

  • A bottle made of clear glass
  • Water
  • A fresh egg white

 How to proceed:

  1. Fill the bottle with water almost to the top
  2. Put a fresh egg white in it.
  3. Then, place the bottle on the ground, preferably in direct contact with the earth (in the backyard, for instance, or simply on a terrace or balcony).
  4. When the morning comes, observe the drawings and forms outlined by the egg white in the bottle and try to interpret them and decipher the deep meaning of what you see.

How to interpret the message from the egg?

Whether you chose to put oomancy into practice using a glass or a bottle, the most delicate part of this divination art resides in interpreting what you see. To grasp the message from the egg:

  1. Focus on the question, event or person that concerns you.
  2. Observe the forms (and potentially the color nuances) that appear in the glass or bottle of water.

Reading from an egg white is a bit like reading from coffee grounds. There are strict rules. Interpreting them usually relies on the form you perceive. It is very subjective and personal. You will have to let your intuition, your subconscious, and first impressions do the talking.

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