4 Psychic Energy Tips - Learn how to profit from them

4 Psychic Energy Tips

Many of us live in a society that does not nurture our psychic abilities or energies. In this article we are going to explore some simple methods for jumpstarting your psychic energy(notice that I said psychic and not physic energy). But what is psychic energyand how do we channel it? These are just some of the questions we aim to answer. We’ll also take a look at some psychic tipsfor improving your psychic abilities.

Psychic Tips

Firstly, what is psychic energy? The day to day hustle and bustle can limit our view of the world and hold us in place. We are surrounded by negative thoughts from others and the fragile balance and changes in the energy fields around us, affects our gut instincts and spirit guides.
So,  what is psychic energy?Well, it’s a spiritual energy that helps us form direct out lives to our idealistic reality. Each of these psychic tips that we’ll touch on will cover a basic technique for managing or directing your energy and increase your intuitive gifts.

4 Psychic Energy Tips

It’s always useful to know what your energy levels are currently sitting at. It is advisable to visit an energy reading psychic or alternatively find a free psychic energy reading online so that you can know your base energy level. This will allow you to see if there is any improvement. Let’s enumerate them now:

Tip #1

You are your own worst enemy! The first problem that any of us are likely to encounter in relation to our energy level is ourselves. We spend so much time wondering if we’re good enough, questioning our own capabilities, doubting our own abilities and ultimately putting ourselves down.

This constant negative feedback depletes our energy quite drastically. So the first step is to think positively. Start off by noticing every time you do something correctly or well. Take a moment to congratulate yourself and acknowledge your accomplishment.

Tip #2

Take a break! If work or school or family life is wearing your down to the bones then take some time off! Working yourself to death isn’t physically, mentally or spiritually healthy and you’re doing more harm than good. If you had an ankle injury, would you continue to run every day? No, of course not!

You would take a break, let it heal and then start again. The same goes for life. Take a day to yourself and go out into nature, visit a museum, socialize with friends or family, or simply do nothing and enjoy being able to do nothing.

Tip #3

Create some routine to improve your energy! This is a small act that you can do every day or every few days. Some people will wake up and light a candle in their kitchen, others will say a morning prayer, and some people will meditate before they get up to start their day.

You need to find something that you can do that reminds you of your energy levels. For example, if you’re trying to boost your clairvoyant energy then you may wish to spend some time doing visualization or meditation.

Tip #4

In the same way that a leaking battery will lose energy or a phone battery will deplete if you leave an app running overnight, the same is true with psychic energy.  If you have an aspect of your life that leaves you feeling drained and used up then you may want to consider finding a way to patch it up.

For example, if your run takes you past the school where you were bullied and leaves you feeling horrible about yourself, then change your route. Similarly, if you find that your job feels wrong or immoral and is taxing on your spirituality, then quit and find something new that doesn’t leave you soaking up negative energy.

If you want to learn more in how to channel psychic energy, trust your gut and follow each of these steps. Soon, you will see the energy flow and positive energy, all around you!

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